Bin.ti Suniye (English)

Version without translation

Bin.ti Suniye Adi Shakti Meri (x2)
Oh Adi Shakti, pleas listen to my request
Pujan. ka adhikar. dijiye (x2)
Please give me the authority to do Your Puja
Sharanagat. hai hriday. pujari
Your worshipper is surrendered to You from the heart.

Guru charanan. ki lagi lagan. hai (x2)
Now we have got the divine attachment
to the Lotus Feet of our Guru
Tav. charanan. me utara swarg. hai (x2)
All the heavens have come down at Your Lotus Feet
Parmeshwar. hai mangal. kari (x2)
God is giving the welfare to His devotees
Khoye sadak. par. utari
She gives realisation to those who are lost

Preet. bahe avirat. nayanan. se (x2)
Oh Mother, the love is flowing continuously from Your eyes
He hridayeshwari bhava bhaya bhanjan. (x2)
Oh Victorious Mother, please destroy all our fears
Ma aisi shubh. shakti dijiye (x2)
Oh Mother give us that auspicious power
Sab. me jage anand. vihari
by which in everyone this spirit will be awakened

Aur. kahu kya antar.yami (x2)
Oh Mother, what more can I say because
You are Antarayami (the One who knows everything)
Atma bodh. anubhuti ki datri (x2)
You are the Giver of the self-realisation and the self knowledge
Adi Guru guruon ki Mata (x2)
You are the Mother of all the Gurus and Primordial Gurus
Is. vineet. ko gurupad. dijiye
Please give the status of Guru to Your humble devotees.

(This Bhajan was composed by Shri Mataji in July 1992)