Ma, Teri Jay. Ho

(Composed by Shri Mataji in 1941)

Ma, Teri Jay. Ho, Tera Hi Vijay.
Ho Victory be to You, O Mother India!
Tere Git. Se Aj. Jag. Ye Jivit. Ho
Let this world get alive today with Your song!
Ma, Teri Jay. Ho…
Victory be to You, O Mother India!

Tere Gaw Ke Khet. Bhi Ga Rahe Hai
Even the fileds of Your villages are singing today
Tere Aj. Nagaro Me Jay Jay Ki Dhun. Hai
and from the towns the melody of Your victory is coming
Tumhe Dekh.Ke Ye Jagi Din. Duniya
By seeing You only, this unhappy world
Aur. Vo Ga Rahi Thi Ki…
Is also singing ‘Victory to You!’

Jab Akho Me Asu Juba Pe The Chale (x2)
Even when we had tears in our eyes
Ye Dil Ga Raha Tha Ki…
our hearts were still singing ‘Victory to You!’

Chitaye Hamari Gagan. Se Bhidi Thi (x2)
And even when the flames of the pyres were reaching the heights of the sky
Vaha Likh. Rahi Thi Ki…
they were writing there ‘Victory to You, O Mother!’

(Hindi 28)