Nirmal Dham

Tere Charan.kamal. me Rehnevalo me Likh.le Mera Nam (x2)

May my name be added to the one of those who are seeking refuge at Thy Lotus Feet,
Ye Hai Sukh. Shanti Ka Dham (x2)
For this is the heavenly abode of Joy eternal and Peace,
Nirmal Dham, Nirmal Dham, re (x2)
The abode of Divinity and Purity.

Aya Tha Shraddha Suman. Charhane Dale Jholi Me
I have come to offer the flowers of pure faith at the Lotus Feet of Our Mother,
Ma Se Paunga Mai Kuchh. Dan. Bhi Dalu Jhole Me
Expecting to be rewarded for my offering,
Saumya Prakash. Dekhi (x2)
But I found myself overwhelmed by the pleasant Chaitanya,
Jaise Lali Me
Radiating like a rising sun.
Swar.pan. Bola Mai (x2)
Surrendering myself to Her, I humbly requested
Kuchh. Na Dalu Jholi Me
That no reward should be given,
Nir.peksh. Yahi Bhakti Kutir Hai Chaitanya Ka Aisa Dham
As I realized that worship can only exist through selfless surrender to the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji, the very abode of Chaitanya.

Ar.pit. Hai Dhan. (x2)
I totally surrender my mind, body and wealth
Charan. Nahi Ye Ki
To the Lotus Feet of Mother, as there lies my Paradise.
Vast.vik. Hai Nahi Ye Kal.pana
This is not imagination, but actualization of the Divine Truth, the ultimate reality.
Aise Dham. Ki Kare Kyu
Why should we then compare this abode with any existing shrine?
Mandir. Masjid. Gurudware Ka Ab Nahi Koi Kam
As it is, all these temples, churches and gurudwaras have now become redundant.

Agni Kund. Hai Ahamkar. Ka (x2)
At the Lotus Feet of Mother, I have been able to burn my ego,
Jatil. Mere Hi Bhut. Kal. Ka
My past and all my negativity.
Jab. Se Bana Bhikshuk. Is. Dwar. Ka (x2)
Ever since I have become a resident of this Heaven,
Bhavishya Ujwal. Sahaj. Pyar. Ka
My future, through Sahaj Love, has become very bright and full of promises.
Yahi Hai Makha Yahi Karbala Ganga Jamuna Charo Dham
For here verily lie the Mecca, Medina, the Ganges, the Yamuna and all four Shrines.

Charanamrut. Se Pawan. Kar. Do (x2)
When the nectar flowing from Your Lotus Feet, Oh, Mother, please sanctify my life
Nirmal.may. Ye Jivan. Kar. Do
And give it its real purpose by making it wholesome truthful and pure.
Anu Renu Me Chaitanya Bhar. Do (x2)
Fill all the animate and inanimate with Your Divine Vibrations,
Kitabo Me Nahi Gyan. Vah. De Do
And give us the Pure Divine Knowledge that cannot be found in the Holy Scriptures,
Yahi Hai Gita Ved. Yahi Hai Yahi “Bible” Kuran
For I verily read and understand epics like Geeta, the Vedas, the Bible or the Koran by a mere glance at Your Lotus Feet.