He Adi Ma, He Anti Ma

He Adi Ma, He Anti Ma (x2)

O Primordial Mother, O Eternal Mother
Je Wan Chile, Te Tu Dile (x2)
You have given us whatever we have desired
Kalpa Druma
Like a ‘kalpa-taru’ (tree that grants every desire)
He Adi Ma, He Anti Ma (x2)

Ya Matiche Akash. Tu (x2)
O Mother You are in the form of different shapes of the earth
Shishira Taya Madhumas. Tu (x2)
You are the spring of the Autumn season
Deshir Mruta Tu Amruta (x2)
You give nectar, even into the dead matter
Therefore You are Purushottama
(the most perfect and highest of mankind)

Dene Tuze Ituke Jari (x2)
You have given us so much that
Zhalo Runi Janmateri (x2)
we are indebted to You all the lives we may live
Ap.radh. Mi Ap.kar. Mi (x2)
I have done wrong deeds, a lot of mistakes
Pari Tu Kshama
Still You are nothing but forgiveness

Dene Zeri Amuchya Shiri (x2)
You have given us so much,
Pari Agnya Jana Tu Par Kari (x2)
even to those who don’t have any knowledge
Deshi Jag. Tu Sahaj. Yoga (x2)
You give Sahaja Yoga to the whole universe
Verily You are the highest Father of mankind

(Marathi 3)