Guru Ashtakam

(Adi Shankaracharya – Eight Stanzas In Praise Of The Guru)

Shareeram Suroopam Sada Roga Muktam
Though your body be comely and ever remain in perfect health,
Yashashcharu Chitram Dhanam Meru Tulyam
Though your name be unsullied and mountain-high your hoarded gold

Manashchenna Lagnam Guroranghri Padme
Yet if the mind be not absorbed in the Guru’s Lotus Feet,
Tatah Kim Tatah Kim Tatah Kim Tatah Kim
What will it all avail you? What indeed will it all avail?

Kalatram Dhanam Putra Pautra Adi Sarvam
Even if fortune blesses you with riches and a virtuous wife
Gruham Bandhawah Sarvam Etaddhi Jatam
With children and their children, with friendship and the joys of home

Shadangadi Vedo Mukhe Shastra Vidya
Though the lore of the Vedas takes up its dwelling on your tongue
Kavitvadi Gadyam Supadyam Karoti
Though you are learned in scripture, gifted in writing prose and verse

Videsheshu Manyah Swadesheshu Dhanyah
Even if you be honoured at home and famed in foreign lands
Sadachara Vruteshu Matto Na Chanyah
Given to pious deeds and ever averse to wickedness

Kshama Mandale Bhoopa Bhoopala Vrundaih
Though you become, at last, the emperor of the universe
Sada Sevitam Yasya Padara Vindam
Though you possess for servants the mightiest of kings of the earth

Yashash Ched Gatam Dikshu Dana Pratapat
Even if every nation resounds with your beneficence
Jagadvastu Sarvam Kare Yat Prasadat
Yet if the mind be not absorbed in His Lotus Feet, by whose grace everything in this world is won

Na Bhige Na Yoge Na Va Vaji Medhe
Though you pursue no pleasures, derive no happiness from wealth or spouse
Na Kanta Sukhe Naiva Vitteshu Chittam
Reject the powers of yoga, and scorn the fruits of sacrifice

Aranye Na Va Swasya Gehe Na Karye
Even if you are ready to dwell in the forest as at home
Na Dehe Mano Vartate Me Twanardhye
No more attached to work, unstrained by the body

(Sanskrit 15)